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Why are Directional signs important?

Directional signage or wayfinding signage is an important part of any project and can be an integral part of the ebb and flow of your building. Whether its in the lobby, outside, or throughout the floors, this category of signage is extremely important.  With a plethora of options available to you, we can help pin point the style and design your building needs and get you on your way to finding your way!


Where do we need them?

The best place to put a directional sign can start before you even walk into the building.  Adding an entryway pylon or sign to direct the flow of traffic coming and going can make sure a busy entrance doesn't get congested. It can help with getting your guests and visitors to parking or reception quickly and ensure deliveries are handled promptly.


Once your guests have entered the building you'll want to let them know whats available to them with interior signs. Typically wall mounted in the lobby or adjacent corridors, you can identify which direction guests need to go to get to specific places. This can include the elevators or amenities like the washroom, mail room, or dining room.  Adding directional signs to the floors or suites above can also be integral part of helping your guests find their way.